• Leah N. Hout

You are the help someone desparately needs

I am participating in something new every Friday. I am joining a community of bloggers for Five Minute Friday. We get one word prompts and only 5 minutes to write about that topic. This week's prompt is: Help.

Last Thursday, just before lunch, an instant message popped up on my screen. "Hi Leah." "Hello, " I responded. My thoughts: Do I know this person? Why are they contacting me?

She went on to say she needed help with her resume, a job opened up, she had never really had to put together a full resume as her jobs just "kind of came to" her, and someone referred me. One thing she said stuck out, "I am desparate." Oh boy! I felt a certain weight placed on my shoulders at that moment. She was depending on me, in all my inadequacy.

Yes, I have put myself out there as a career coach and resume writer, but every time someone asks me to share these skills to help them, I feel so....lacking. I know others do too. When I ask people to tell me about their accomplishments, there's almost always a little chuckle and then an, "I don't know," or "I don't really have any."

So, I reassured her that we would get through this in one piece on the other side and I tackled the resume. What I want to share today, is when you step into your calling, it may be a little scary and uncomfortable. But someone is waiting on you to cross their path and make a difference in their life with your gift.

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