• Leah N. Hout

What are the conclusions we make from here?

As part As part of the Five Minute Friday blogging community, we get a one-word prompt and only 5 minutes to write about that topic. This week's prompt is: #Conclude

In order to conclude something or draw a conclusion, you generally have one or more facts that lead you to believe things will turn out one way or another. When we brought in 2020 – making our vision boards, filling out our calendars, or if you’re like me, decorating a new planner- most of us concluded it would be a year most like any other. A year where we would freely get together with friends, have birthday parties, enjoy dinners out, celebrate at weddings, and do the normal mundane things – work, appointments, shop like “usual”. But we made that conclusion on one thing, the limited history we’ve lived, and virtually nothing has upended all of our lives at one time.. Now as 2020 ends, or concludes, my own tendency to draw a conclusion on how things will be, will never be the same. Make no mistake, I can’t wait for life to be “back to normal”, but the sacredness of living is so much more real to me now.

Proverbs 19:21 says: Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. I keep reminding myself that God knew what this year would look like, as He does with all our days. I believe the Lord never wanted the sickness, hatred, and death to exist in our world as it does, and yet the word says His purpose for you, me, and all of us will prevail despite it all. In January 2020, the things I assumed would happen this year did for the most part happen, just not as I envisioned.

How will the unfolding of this year affect my future planning? I still have my new planner waiting to be filled in, but I will not hold so tightly to my conclusion on how things will go.

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